Things Porto Alegre speaks in winter: 

"-This Cold ta renguia cusco, hem" 

"Very cold. Gramado In ja chuveu granite huh? 


-Desse Size … “

"Da to be so, or put more coat?" 

"-Take A sweater …" 

"-My. Are you sure this is not a woman here? 


"-No Is colder as formerly." 

"Oh, pisicológico is cold!" 

"The guy. That there is not a frozen grachaim?" 

”- I’ll wait a little warm up before taking the bath.” 

"-That Critter ta not moving, man." 

"Not to feel my nose" 


"-No.’s Summer clothes I already choked up in the closet." 

"Yeah eat a good bergamot in the sun, eh?" 

"-Which one?" 

"-Tchê. Seems this year it snows in Gramado. Yeah, this year it snows." 

"-Bah, It snows in Porto Alegre eh?" 

"-Wine, Rum, sugar, cloves … one more thing. Has one more … 

"-Quentão Handle on blitz?" 


  This is … Ow. 

  -ginger. Nothing mom. 

  -Gemgibre. That’s it. “

"Are you going ta friu loco. Huhuhuh." 

"Well toasty. Nice and warm." 

“‘O, ta on TV saying that it will not rain. 

So already know, it takes a umbrella. “

"-Also, Tu ta bad overdressed." 

”- Fuck is having to walk long underwear, right guy.”